A professional advisory services firm specializing in integrating business,
R&D, and IP processes

About Us

Our company significantly improves the revenue and profitability of companies whose products or services depend on Intellectual Property for their inspiration and protection.


Intellectual Assets, Inc. is a privately held company, founded in 2001, and has been part of the MaxVal Group, in Los Altos, CA since 2014
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  Principals and Associates

These individuals are recognized as among the world's leaders in developing innovative intellectual asset workflows and services with measurably higher value for clients
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Our Values

We live by the values of integrity, collaboration and teamwork, excellence, commitment to service and quality, creativity & vision, and community
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  Strengths and Reputation

We are among the world leaders in innovative management of intellectual property and business processes
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IntellectualASSETS, Inc. has hundreds of clients that range in size from start-ups to Fortune 25 companies
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IntellectualASSETS, Inc.

We distinguish ourselves by using cutting edge IP assessment tools and proprietary software to enhance our productivity. We deliver invaluable insights based on our in-depth executive level management experience and industry coverage.

Client Services

We work collaboratively with our clients to gain crucial insights, help translate them into superior protected products and services, and manage licensed and created IP throughout its lifecycle.

Plan | Obtain | Exclude | Manage


We provide results that document our methods, describe what we have found, highlight what we conclude, and provide business recommendations that will make your project and enterprise successful.

New Business Development Analysis

New business development professionals can find and qualify the best potential partners ...

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Technology Project Analysis

IntellectualASSETS, Inc. helps you gain the insight needed for commercial success of each R&D program, via timely and...

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Management of IP Portfolios

Portfolio management in support of business is driven by its ability to exclude competitors and gain an advantaged position...

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Assessment of Competitors’ IP Portfolios

The following shows you how IntellectualASSETS, Inc. goes about developing a timely and cost effective assessment ...

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Publications and Resources

Profiting from Intellectual Capital: Extracting Value from Innovation by Patrick H. Sullivan...

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